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Why Dogs Smile & Chimpanzees Cry, narrated by Sigourney Weaver, premiered on The Discovery Channel. It reveals the story of the evolution of emotion – and was considered groundbreaking by ascribing any emotions to animals. 

Co-written by Carol Fleisher and Paula Deats,the film earned an Emmy Award.

Spycatchers was produced for PBS's Innovation series. We had unprecedented access to film the FBI's elite surveillance unit and told the story of how the Bureau was adapting to fighting terrorists – instead of bank robbers.

Chasing El Nino was produced for the PBS science series, NOVA. Co-written by Carol L. Fleisher and Mark S. Hoover, the film travels around the globe to unravel the myseteries of the phenomenon.

Carol L. Fleisher wrote, produced and directed POW: Americans in Enemy Hands for Arnold Shapiro Productions.  It is a tribute to the men who survived captivity in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

The Power of Play, narrated by John Ritter, was produced for Animal Planet. A frolic of a film, it has an underlying theme of: play is essential to survival!

Missing: John Robertson was produced for Discovery Channel and Channel 4 in the UK. It tells the story of Deborah Robertson Bardsley's search for her father – a pilot who was shot down in Vietnam in 1966. Her quest takes her throughout Asia and finally to Russia.

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